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African Pygmy Hedgehogs for sale

Dear Hedgehog Lover,

Hello and welcome.


We are African Pygmy Hedgehog  breeders, located in Hungary, and have been providing absolutely beautiful and healthy hedgehogs for 10 years (since 2012). We are located in Hungary, Budapest but many of our hedgehogs have already traveled to Italy, France, Holland, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and so on.

As our original name is Hungarian: "Varjuvolgyi", which does not mean much to a non native, in English we are Hedgehog Hungary.

As many people are interested in our hedgehogs, we would like to give some information here as to how you can have a hedgehog baby from us.

What we normally offer

As we are one of the the largest hedgehog kennels in Europe, we usually have 15-30 babies (6-9 weeks old) for sale at any time.
Bellow you can see some videos of what we can expect from us:


>> If you are interested, please contact us here! <<

Törpesün eladó

Afrikai fehérhasú törpesün
Afrikai fehérhasú törpesün eladó Törpesün eladó

Afrikai fehérhasú törpesün

Afrikai fehérhasú törpesün eladó
Törpesün eladó Afrikai fehérhasú törpesün eladó
Afrikai fehérhasú törpesün
Afrikai fehérhasú törpesün eladó Törpesün eladó
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Afrikai fehérhasú törpesün Afrikai fehérhasú törpesün eladó
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How to get a hedgehog from us

a. visiting us
If you do not live too far from us (Budapest), you may want to visit us. In this case just send us a few lines by filling out our form bellow and let us know when you want visit us. We are there most of the time.

b. asking for transport
If you live further away from us, we can send you your chosen hedgehog by a safe transport. That is how it goes in sequence:

1. You let us know by filling out the form bellow that you would like one or more hedgehogs from us. Let us know your location and the specifics of the hedgies (colour, sex etc.) you would like.
2. If we can deliver to your location, we make a video for you of the hedgehogs we have at that time. We send you the link of the video to chose the one hedgie you love the most.
3. You chech the video we send you and then you let us know which one you chose. We hope you will fall in love with one of them at least. :)
4. We ask you if you would like anything from us for your hedgie. We have wide variety of accessories in stock. (Only the cages we cannot ship, it is too large.) See our hedgie accessories here: - sorry, it is now only in Hungarian
5. We arrange transport according to what time period is good for you to get your animal. Sometimes there are not too many possibilities for your animal to send so in this case you have to adjust to the person's schedule that is taking you the hedgehog.
6. We ask you to send us the price of the hedgehog and the transport fee (and of the accessories you may have chosen). Money can be sent by paypal or by bank transfer.
7. After the money arrives, we send you the hedgie with the starter pack to you along with te accessories you may have chosen at an agreed time.
8. You recieve and enjoy your new lovely animal friend. :)

>> If you are interested, please contact us here! <<

Note on transport

Sometimes the owner arranges the transport. So if you want to arrange the transport of you animals, it is totally ok for us. In this case tell the driver that the hedgehog will be no trouble for him at all. It will be in a small carrier box and will just stay there not bothering anybody. The driver will not need to give him food and water during the trip. All the driver has to do is making sure the animals is in a place where the temperature is not lower then 22-23 degrees celsius.

Sending a hedgehog is legal

Sending a hedgehog is a legal thing so you do not have to worry about that. You do not need any extra papers up to 5 animals when travelling with them. If there is a roadside check, the driver shows the certificate of the animal(s) we will provide and that is all.

Where we can / cannot deliver

We can deliver to most European countries but cannot unfortunatelly to the UK. (To be precise, we cannot get the papers for sending them to the UK, but if you can manage to get the papers, we can even send hedgies there, too.)

This is the route we take to Scandinavian countries: SEE HERE! Other countries very from time to time.

How your hedgehog travels

We always ask you to purchase a transport box from us as well as a textil hide to send your hedgehog in. This way it is 100% sure the hedgehog will not escape and he or she will not be cold either during transport. Please see picture.

What we provide with the chosen animal

All the hedgies go with a starter kit and a certificate of with the origin.

The price of our hedgies depend on age and colour but normally the price is between 100-250 Euros (plus delivery to your town (40-100 Euros depending on location)) - Price depends on animal's size, sex, look, age.
Our target:

We just want to keep breeding and providing beautiful and healty hedgehogs for those that are interested in keeping these cute creatures.
Book on Hedgehogs

We are very proud of our book which was published in mid July, 2016. It's a comprehensive, highly detailed publication on 160 pages containing 124 colored pictures on how to raise and keep healthy hedgehogs. The book is now in Hungarian, but we have plans to translated it to English and German later. The book sold over 2000 copies so far.
The cover of the book

>> If you are interested in any of our hedgehogs, please contact us HERE! <<

About our kennel

Right now we have about 90 breeding animals. We make sure the babies we provide are healthy and we are always making sure that there is no inbreeding.

One of our hedgehog rooms:

Sünik országos kiszállítással! >> Bővebben <<
Törpesünik panzióztatása: >> Bővebben << 



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